A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember When...

Remember when you were young and it was the small things that you would get excited over. Case in point, the other night we were on our way to dinner as a family, and we were at a red light when a fire truck came through the intersection with full blown siren and lights, and Brayden lit up with so much excitement shouting "Mommy, Daddy...look fire truck...fire truck...FIRE TRUCK!!!!" Oh, it was the cutest thing and Walls and I couldn't help but chuckle....gosh, to be a kid, again. Moments like those really put life in perspective, and is such a joy to be able to see life through your kids eye. They won't remember some of these moments, but I will and cherish each and every moment.