A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Splish Splash!

Handsome boy!

Sweet A!
"My little bro!"

Today was such a great and fun day with my boys...not that they aren't great everyday ;), but today was one of those days where I guess the planets were lined up correctly because both boys were little angels. It usually is one is good and the other gives me a little tougher time or is cranky...therefore we have a few tears or even worse a meltdown. Who knows maybe it was the pretty day we had today and all 3 of us wanted to take advantage of it so we were all on our best behavior and in good moods. Daddy went out golfing, so I had to go to Children's Place and decided to go to Park & Preston area so we could walk around since it's an outside shopping area. Both boys were good so I could run my errand...shopping for them so of course they were good. Leave it to my 2 & 1/2 year old to use his imagination and have fun, but then again he had freedom, he flirted with the women that walked by, ran up and down the steps and ramps, played with the water fountain, said "Hi" to frog statues, and climbed up on an elephant statue and the end of our trip and then said he was getting down because "Elephant takes nap, Mommy, shhhh!". Then we were back to the car and in our seat with no fighting, crying, or the word "NO!". Maybe it was because that Chick-fil-a was for lunch, but whatever it was I will take it.

After naps, the boys were up and we headed out to the backyard to play with Alex's new water and sand table (without the sand, I can just see Alex eating handfuls of that). It was fun, Alexander was not a fan of being splashed with water by his brother... I mean it was a scream-cry he hated it so bad, but stopped when I splashed back at Brayden for him, only to have Brayden wanting more.

Wally was done with golf at 5:30ish so we met him at Zen Zin for dinner and eat outside to enjoy more of the weather. Maybe it was the running around in the backyard, but the boys were pretty laid back, maybe even tired a bit, which gave us and the ones around a peaceful dinner. Brayden and I shared a pizza, It's So Gouda (the best pizza ever), and Wally had his fav steak sandwich and lobster bisque (also very good), and can't forget about A-boy he had some yummy green beans and some pizza (really the crust).

Our Love For Chocolate!

Brayden telling me "No open oven...hot, Mommy"
Watching the brownies bake...who knew the fun in that

Friday evening Wally got a craving for something sweet... what better than brownies?! They are sweet and of course chocolate (if you know my hubby then you know the importance to only stock up on chocolate...I will tell a story in a minute to explain his love...or addiction for it). So, as they were baking in the oven, I slipped and said "brownies" out loud (for those who's first kiddo isn't 2 years old and above yet, spelling words is crucial these days to avoid crying and the "I want's"). After a brief moment of crying I took Brayden to the oven and turned on the light, he was satisfied with watching them bake...he even got a kick out of it. And little Alex is never to far behind Brayden, where "B" goes "A" is sure to follow.

Ok so the story I promised about Wally's LOVE of chocolate. Most people who go to Marble Slab, order a flavor of ice cream and one, maybe two toppings to mix in w/ it. Not my husband, he loves his chocolate so much, he orders everything w/ chocolate in it. This is what he orders: double chocolate ice cream with...watch out here we go... Kit-Kat, Oreo, M&M's, Reece's, walnuts, and possibly, if I remember correctly, Snickers. Definitely not a low fat treat any way around it. I keep saying it should be named after him and put on there menu, because it is actually very, very good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

April Showers Brings May Flowers

Helping his Daddy water
"More water, please!"
Back to watering
A pic of Wally's hard work

Along with my hubby and Brayden. A couple of weeks ago, Wally planted away to make our front yard beautimous...and that it is because of all his hard work that made for a really long Saturday. So tonight, as I went to go put Alexander down for the night, the boys went out to water. I then went and joined them, but not before I went to go and find Brayden's Sponge Bob water spout so he could help water. He had so much fun being with Daddy and being his right hand man, and of course Mommy was there to catch the moment on film...or as Daddy says "the paparazzi is here".
Our neighbor Erica came home while we were out there watering, and came over to say hi. So she said something about his shirt and how cute it was and Brayden casually smiled and pointed to his shirt and said "Yeah, Daddy's the man!", we were all laughing and a little surprised he knew what his shirt said.

"Don't Mess With My Breakfast, Woman!"

The start of the tears...all over oatmeal
Full blown out crying
Brayden eating his Fruit Loops
It's a hit...YUMMY!

That is exactly what I think Alexander would say if he could talk. He was so not happy with me this morning...well he was when he saw he was going to have oatmeal, but when I sat his down and didn't give him his oatmeal right away, he wasn't. Last week when we were at the grocery store Brayden wanted to get cereal, so I let him pick out one of those individual serving ones...that way we could see if he liked it and how messy he would be before wasting a box (like he wouldn't like Fruit Loops, right?!). I had forgotten all about it til this morning so I decided to fix him a bowl, but wasn't going to put milk in it until I had both boys up and dressed (I know he is only 2, but I am sure a 2 year old would not like soggy cereal like the rest of us). So that leads me to the crying 1 year old I had on my hands once we got downstairs and seated...Alex couldn't be patient enough for me to pour milk in his brother's cereal so he could eat as well. Silly boy, he is still so cute when he is sad and crying, I am sure the camera and time spent taking the pictures only infuriated him more.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, sister, Mogda, Nehal, to all my friends who are mothers, and to every mother out there. Hope you all have a GREAT and relaxing day, and are showered with lots of love from your little ones and spouses. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Alexander's Day

Good morning, birthday boy!
Brayden singing 'Happy Birthday'

He's got his eye on the cake

Alex's gift is a hit w/ both boys
Wally not amused that we bought him a noisy gift :)

Our day was pretty low key, we (Brayden and I) got the b-day boy up and sang 'Happy Birthday' to him and then it was off for some Chick-fil-a breakfast and a trip to the grocery store. I know how exciting to go to the store for your b-day :). Then after naps it was off to pick up Alex's cookie cake, and back home to get the boys ready, and myself, before Daddy got home to take us to dinner at the club. Like I said pretty low key, but here are some pics from Alex's special day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Alex's B-day TV Debut

Alexander's TV debut on channel 4 for a birthday wish...and in case you can't see the viseo from here, I have also posted a pic of it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happiest 1st Birthday, Alexander!!

May 9, 2007
Alexander Walid Elibiary

Yea!! Our baby boy is 1...and the only think I can say is 'Where has the time gone?'!! It truly feels like yesterday that we were at the hospital checking in and before we knew it Alexander was here...seriously 3 hours later he was in our arms. Good thing, too, because I was hungry and wanting lunch, and he arrived at 11:59 a.m. ...the boy was already good to his mama :).

Alexander was the best 2nd baby we could have asked for...like Wally said "He makes you want to have another...". Especially with Brayden and him only being 21 months apart and we were in the terrible 2's with Brayden, it allowed us to give Brayden a little more attention. He was so quiet and laid back, and went with the flow of the rest of the family. He really loves his Mommy, even back then, sleeping through the night at 5 weeks....ahhh, sleeping through the night. But both boys were great sleepers I have to say so we never suffered too long.

I remember days before having Alexander I was terrified of what was about to happen...I mean Brayden was my little boy, and how could I love another little boy the same or even close to as much as B-boy...and what about, Brayden he is going to hate us for bring home a baby who is going to eat up some of our attention. It's amazing though, it's like having your 1st baby all over again with that overwhelming love from the very first moment of meeting. Even when he was born he was quiet, didnt cry, and I remember vividly Wally asking the nurse if something was wrong with him...nope, he was just our quiet baby boy.
Even though it is sad that my little A is growing up and not the newborn anymore, I can't tell you how amazing and how much my heart warms when I see my two boys (and when Wally's home my 3 boys) playing with each other. Now that Alex is more vocal these days and copies Brayden, he is still that sweet baby boy we brought home from the hospital and so scrumptious with his smile and how he hides his face when you smile back...what a natural flirt. They are truly opposite from each other (compared to Brayden at A's age) from eating habits to behavior, but one thing they share and that we love is that they both are so loving. They are such the cuddle bugs. Alexander has recently started giving open-mouth kisses, and will crawl over, climb up on you and rest his head on your shoulder, talk about your heart melting. Both boys are so dear and special to us, we are so blessed to have them in our lives and couldn't have asked or dreamed of two better boys than what God has given us. One day they will realize just how blessed and fortuate they are to have each other in each other's lives and share that close bond that only brothers can have.

Daddy, Mommy, and big bro Brayden

A Bathroom Fit For A King and Queen

The before...with the ugly green light green color on the walls
The after... what a difference a few changes can make to a bathroom

So our bathroom is finally done...YEA! After 3 different paint colors on the wall that we ended up hating, our 4th was the charm. We also had the big standard mirror above the sinks taken down, and replaced with framed mirrors above each sink. As well as our standard lighting taken down and added 3 two-tier sconces on each of our sides in the bathroom and in the middle. And last but not least...my favorite and something I have wanted for a long time in a bathroom...a chandelier. It is beautiful, and my husband says "girlie", but with 3 boys in the house, mama need a place of her own...what better than a bathroom.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

The night we got engaged at the Mapel Manor Hotel w/ The Old Warsaw catered in
Our wedding day May 7, 2005 at my sister's house
Cutting into our cake....it was so cute and yummy
Us now....3 years later :)

Today Wally and I have been married for 3 years. Wow, I can't believe that time has flown by, and we have a lot to show for just 3 short years (2 very cute and handsome boys), but as my husband say at times it seems like it has been longer with everything we have done in the short amount of time. Through it all I would have never done one thing differently, and couldn't have asked for a better husband to go through it all with...even when he is teasing me too hard and his jokes I don't find too funny either :). We are very lucky and blessed to have the life, family, and home that we do. If it wasn't for Wally's drive and hard work he does and puts in I would not have been granted to have the best job in the world...to stay home with my boys. Thank you Wally for all that you do for me and our family...3 years down and the rest of our lives to go :). I LOVE YOU!!!

Also, today is a special day for Wally's little brother....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IHAB! Hope you have a wonderful day on your special day!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Alexander's 1st Birthday Party

Our baby is not quiet one yet, but we celebrate this past weekend like it was, his actual official b-day is Friday, May 9th. I wanted to do Alexander's birthday the same way we did Brayden's...an animal theme, and at the house. Since our families put together in one house makes for a very busy and full house we kept it to just the family (as we did for Brayden so it's not so overwhelming for the birthday boys) plus my dearest friend Ally, and her husband Greg and little girl Abby since they moved to Houston and we don't get to see them very often now *tear*.
Alexander's theme was "turtle"....I chose the animal theme based on what cute animal cake is on http://www.marthastewart.com/, and ran with it. It was a little difficult at first because anything turtle birthday related is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (not what I was going for), so I had to think outside the box. It required more thought and for things to be handmade but it was so cute and fun and worth the time and energy.
Alexander was cute and loved it all. I had been gearing Brayden up for Alex's birthday by telling him everyday and working with him on singing "Happy Birthday" so by yesterday when it came to cake and singing, Alexander loved the song (it is his favorite right now, you should see the smile on his face) and Brayden knew the words quiet well to sing with us. When it came time to dig in to the cake, Alexander took one bite and decided not really interested and that was it...no messy face, no messy highchair, and no messy tile to clean up...i guess it was a good thing, one less thing to have to clean up. He is so his Daddy when it comes to bread or carbs, no thank you, but Brayden and I on the other hand could live on that for days :).
Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating the A-boy's special day with us...we enjoyed every minute of it with you all and the kiddos.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Before The Party

Before all the family and boys got up from their naps, here are some pics of the decorations and cake.