A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Antonio Bound

The start of our trip

Waiting for a dolphin

My favorite attraction!

Brayden watching the alligators
Sweet little Emma (she makes Wally want a girl)
Climbing on the net
Brayden had so much fun
Greg, Emma, and Nick

Brayden's favorite toy
Lunch Time!!

Right before the Shamu show Alex fell asleep

A pic with Alex
A pic with Brayden
Out cold after Sea World
I came in and busted him...but before I could get on to him for what he was doing, he broke into tears...I think to cushion getting in trouble
The boys on the golf course
The view was beautiful
Nick and Brayden at the pool
Fast asleep
Jessica, Emma, and Nick
The family
The boys....Alex not happy that I got up to take a pic, can we say mama's boy :) )
Handsome boy

So our first family vacation has come and gone, and we (parents of two little ones) survived. Just kidding, it was not bad at all and quite enjoyable (I think in our heads we prepared for the worst...especially w/ having a 1 year old). We decided on a short but sweet trip to San Antonio and went with some friends of ours Greg and Jessica and their two little ones, Nick and Emma...that I think gave all our kids some distraction as they could all play with one another.

Our trip started Thursday mid-afternoon, as we piled the boys in the car, and set out for a long car ride. We finally got to our hotel, La Cantera, at 9 pm. I think the boys were so happy to be out of the car that they got their second wind in the room, but even though getting ready for bed was a little wild they settled down great and were off to sleep. Alex was in the hotel crib, Brayden and I were in one bed, and Wally had his very own bed. As much as I loved every minute of being able to sleep with my baby (I have been waiting for this moment since he was born to be able to nap/sleep with him...he sleeps in his room every night so we don't create a bad habit), the first night was not so fun. Once he was asleep and I was almost, Brayden woke up and got sick all over the bed. So after clean up, changing, hugging, and cuddling the poor boy we three piled into Wally's bed.

Our next day was Sea World bright and early...and what a day! We fed dolphins and got to pet them, saw alligators from a distance, watched a sea lion show, got splashed from the log ride (both boys were not happy with us), climbed the netted playground, played with the water spouts, saw Shamu and got splashed by him (again not happy including myself, as Wally came to get me when he saw that Alex was finally awake, only to realize a little late that we were in the splash section after seated...nice trick-er-roo, Walls ). In between all the activities were eating, snacking, toy buying, napping, potty breaks with 4 adults and 4 kiddos, and the occasional side tracks. So we were back to the hotel by 4 pm and decided to burn even more energy off that the kids surprisingly still had by swimming followed by pizza (and maybe I was just really hungry but that Domino's pizza was the best). I think we were pushing it a little bit, but the Daddy-boys wanted to go and practice a little golf, so we all got into the golf carts to go with...the golf carts (which came with the rooms at the resort and were such a hit with Alexander and Brayden every time we got into it to go back to the room or main hotel) were more fun and entertaining apparently to the kids than watching golf b/c meltdown started to occur, so that was a short practice. Alex must have been really tired b/c the ride back to our room in the cart (which was not long at all) put him to sleep. Off to bed it was!

Saturday, the boys were off to play golf, so Jess and I took the kids to eat breakfast. A little rocky that was b/c they had Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck making rounds and Brayden and sweet Emma were not fans (more so Brayden) of them, and it kept interrupting our breakfast. When Wally and Greg got back it was off to the pool for lunch and some sun. Alexander had the best time in their kiddy pool and kept giving me a heart attack by wanting to crawl in deeper to put his head under. It was then back to the room for naps so we were all refreshed for the Riverwalk and dinner. It ended up being just dinner on the Riverwalk as it was a bit later than what we planned on getting down their and even with naps and being on vacations the kids were feeling their oats. No amount of margaritas were going to calm them down enough to where we didn't care anymore...so back to the hotel (which was fine by all as it was so hot and crowded, but at least we experienced, right?!). We were back at the hotel around 9:30ish to catch Fiesta Texas fireworks show(next to the hotel so it was a great view), what a way to end an evening, then it was baths and bed.

Sunday was departure day...it was breakfast, back to the room to pack, and "On the rode, again...." . It was a great weekend, and thank you to Greg, Jessica, Nick, and Emma for helping to make it a memorable family vacation to San Antonio...we look forward to some more fun times in the future, but next time their will be for sure spa time in their (double to make up for this one :) ).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Has Come and Gone

Happy Father's Day!

"Cheers to you, Daddy!"

Trying to get a pic of all 3 is difficlut...this is what I could getSick little B-boy with his brother's doggy blanket

What a day...started off fun and relaxing and by the end of the day it had turned to comforting 2 sick kids. Wally and Brayden left to go and get donuts (their usual weekend morning stop) and Alexander and I stayed back and played. When the boys got back, Brayden and Alexander gave Daddy their homemade gift, and the morning was spent hanging out with the boys and playing. Around 10:30 I knew something was up with Brayden...he was in our bed just laying their and hung out their til lunch (not the usual behavior to a little boy who ate donuts for breakfast). I made the boys lunch, Alex ate like a champ but was cranky so went down quickly after he ate, and Brayden was still sitting at the table not touching his food. Not normal since I gave him his favorite chips with his sandwich. When I asked what was wrong he said he was sick and his tummy hurt, Brayden has gotten into a habit of when he doesn't want to do something or is in trouble he will say he is sick, but I knew this time was different since he specifically said what hurt. I took his temperature, and sure enough it was 100.4. So after giving him so Tylenol, I had him come into our bed and he laid down with me, and the boy actually went to sleep, so we napped for like 30 minutes together (I have been waiting for the day that he would actually lay down, and nap with me), then Wally I took him up to his bed.

In the afternoon, Wally watched golf, what he wanted to do for his Father's Day, but when the boys got up if Brayden was feeling better we were going to do something with the boys. Well Wally got his wish, Brayden woke up still sick and hot and just wanted to lay with one of us, and although Alexander woke up just fine, that quickly turned. We ordered pizza for dinner, and by the time it had arrived, Brayden was feeling a bit better, better enough to actually eat a little bit at least, and Alexander already with a full belly was just hanging out. After dinner we were all on couches watching golf, I had both boys on the couch with me, and when Brayden moved over to Wally's couch, Alex was still hanging out with me just relaxing, then he moved to laying down with me, and then fell asleep in my arms (this was at 6:30, our boys don't go to bed til 8 for Alex and 8:30 for Brayden) I got up to take his temp b/c he was feeling hot to me but didn't know if that was being cuddled up with me with a blanket...it read 101.3. So Tylenol for the baby boy it was and he was off to bed.

So 2 sick boys it was on Father's Day. As a mother I hate seeing my boys not feeling well, but they melted my heart to today with how cuddly they were and both falling asleep with me. I felt bad but Wally loved just staying home and watching golf for the day and loving on his sick boys.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

On this Sunday, Father's Day, we honor a very special man in my and the boy's life...my husband and their Daddy. It doesn't seem fair to only have one day out of the year to honor him with all that he does. A man who is very strong both physically and emotionally, he is my rock when I need him and know as the boys get older and life gets harder and bad days are had, he will be their rock, too. I couldn't have asked for a better father for our 2 boys. Wally, works so hard to provide for our family and some days it might go unnoticed, even on those days he still gets out of bed before anyone is awake (3:30-4:00am) and doesn't leave the office til 10 pm without a frown or negative comment said. But whether said or not we are thankful for everyday he puts in the hard work to provide for us. Their are days that Brayden will ask "Where's Daddy?", I say "At work", then Brayden says"Oh, Daddy, work...Daddy, works hard." ...this makes Wally and I laugh. Days during the week when Wally gets home from work, once the garage door opens both boys are running and speed crawling to greet and get hugs and kisses from him.

He is the leader of our family, and a strong hand of guidance for the boys, we would be lost without. I see everyday in Wally's eyes when he comes home from work just how proud he is of his boys in there short existence on earth thus far. Even though they can't articulate how proud they are of their Daddy just yet, they truly are and watch and listen to him closely only imitate him later (it always makes for a great laugh). The highest form of flattery, right?!

The boys and I are so blessed to have you in our lives, Wally, and are so proud of everything you have done and do for us, and everything you have accomplished. You should be so proud of yourself!! We love you so much, and hope you enjoy you day! Happy Father's Day!

Niki, Brayden, & Alexander

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Daddy's out there on this special day for you all!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cute Story!

Just thought I would share this because it makes me chuckle every time I think about it. So, Brayden has been awesome on his potty training skills (we had a set back and can only blame myself, we had started potty training back in February and he was champ and picked it up right away, pee-pee that is, but with us going to Miami I dropped the ball) We got back into it once being motivated again, and we have been going strong. So this morning when watching Sadie, Brayden ran to the bathroom to do his thing as when we were playing with Play-doh, next thing I know Brayden walks out with his potty insert from his little potty and is yelling with excitement with what he has to show Sadie "Sadie, Sadie, look..Brayden pee-pee"...and yes it was full of pee (he normally dumps and flushes it for me, too sweet). Sadie didn't know what to think of Brayden or his pee. Boys will be boys!

Picture Perfect

I have to share these pics because they are soooo cute and I had the camera at the perfect time and both boys cooperated with me and the camera and even posed together, yea :)!!! As if you couldn't tell from this blog, but I love these boys so much. Enjoy! And in these pictures my baby (my 1st baby, Brayden) look so much like a little boy, I know he is but I guess seeing him everyday you don't realize just how big he is...goodness. Gosh, in 3 months, I will officially have a 3 year old boy and he will be starting his MOD program...you needs Mommy anymore...until someones hungry:).

A morning full of Play-doh

Today I was watching my sister's little girl while she went to her doctor's appointment, and to have 3 kiddos running around can get a little crazy, especially if they get bored. Only TV and toys can keep their attention span for so long, and after my experience with a yellow jacket coming into the house by a little boy still learning to close the door behind him :), outdoors was not on the top of my list. So Play-doh it was! Brayden got this as a gift for his 2 year birthday, and we had forgotten about it and fear it will be look at as food by some little ones, so today was the day to introduce it to these toddlers...and what a hit it was! They were having so much fun, and I was having so much fun watching each one and their creativity. Brayden liked to roll the Play-doh into balls, stick them together, and flatten them out with utensils I gave him. Sadie broke off small pieces and would put those pieces in an empty paper towel roll standing up, and then would pull it up and let all the piece fall...both kiddos got a kick out of that. Fun times!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kisses To Everyone

Alexander is into giving kisses these days, but it is on his time and when he wants to, with one exception...his brother Brayden. Brayden can get can walk to to Alex and ask for a kiss, and he will get one with no hesitation. Very cute and glad that Alex was willing to give one more for the camera.

Alexander's Crazy Sleep Positions

"Where's Alex?!"
There he is
Good morning, Sunshine !

Let me start off by saying to all the regular readers of our blog sorry for slacking, but as I've been slacking on the blogging I have been the same with picture taking (I know, bad mom).

Lately I have been walking in to Alexander's room to him still passed out and in some quiet funny sleeping positions to which I started bring the camera in with me catch them. He is a very good and sound sleeper...I can only imagine what he will be like as a teenager trying to get him up for school... but he kinda has to with his room right next door to B-boy, and that boy does not sleep just seems to play...loudly.