A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A morning full of Play-doh

Today I was watching my sister's little girl while she went to her doctor's appointment, and to have 3 kiddos running around can get a little crazy, especially if they get bored. Only TV and toys can keep their attention span for so long, and after my experience with a yellow jacket coming into the house by a little boy still learning to close the door behind him :), outdoors was not on the top of my list. So Play-doh it was! Brayden got this as a gift for his 2 year birthday, and we had forgotten about it and fear it will be look at as food by some little ones, so today was the day to introduce it to these toddlers...and what a hit it was! They were having so much fun, and I was having so much fun watching each one and their creativity. Brayden liked to roll the Play-doh into balls, stick them together, and flatten them out with utensils I gave him. Sadie broke off small pieces and would put those pieces in an empty paper towel roll standing up, and then would pull it up and let all the piece fall...both kiddos got a kick out of that. Fun times!!