A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Antonio Bound

The start of our trip

Waiting for a dolphin

My favorite attraction!

Brayden watching the alligators
Sweet little Emma (she makes Wally want a girl)
Climbing on the net
Brayden had so much fun
Greg, Emma, and Nick

Brayden's favorite toy
Lunch Time!!

Right before the Shamu show Alex fell asleep

A pic with Alex
A pic with Brayden
Out cold after Sea World
I came in and busted him...but before I could get on to him for what he was doing, he broke into tears...I think to cushion getting in trouble
The boys on the golf course
The view was beautiful
Nick and Brayden at the pool
Fast asleep
Jessica, Emma, and Nick
The family
The boys....Alex not happy that I got up to take a pic, can we say mama's boy :) )
Handsome boy

So our first family vacation has come and gone, and we (parents of two little ones) survived. Just kidding, it was not bad at all and quite enjoyable (I think in our heads we prepared for the worst...especially w/ having a 1 year old). We decided on a short but sweet trip to San Antonio and went with some friends of ours Greg and Jessica and their two little ones, Nick and Emma...that I think gave all our kids some distraction as they could all play with one another.

Our trip started Thursday mid-afternoon, as we piled the boys in the car, and set out for a long car ride. We finally got to our hotel, La Cantera, at 9 pm. I think the boys were so happy to be out of the car that they got their second wind in the room, but even though getting ready for bed was a little wild they settled down great and were off to sleep. Alex was in the hotel crib, Brayden and I were in one bed, and Wally had his very own bed. As much as I loved every minute of being able to sleep with my baby (I have been waiting for this moment since he was born to be able to nap/sleep with him...he sleeps in his room every night so we don't create a bad habit), the first night was not so fun. Once he was asleep and I was almost, Brayden woke up and got sick all over the bed. So after clean up, changing, hugging, and cuddling the poor boy we three piled into Wally's bed.

Our next day was Sea World bright and early...and what a day! We fed dolphins and got to pet them, saw alligators from a distance, watched a sea lion show, got splashed from the log ride (both boys were not happy with us), climbed the netted playground, played with the water spouts, saw Shamu and got splashed by him (again not happy including myself, as Wally came to get me when he saw that Alex was finally awake, only to realize a little late that we were in the splash section after seated...nice trick-er-roo, Walls ). In between all the activities were eating, snacking, toy buying, napping, potty breaks with 4 adults and 4 kiddos, and the occasional side tracks. So we were back to the hotel by 4 pm and decided to burn even more energy off that the kids surprisingly still had by swimming followed by pizza (and maybe I was just really hungry but that Domino's pizza was the best). I think we were pushing it a little bit, but the Daddy-boys wanted to go and practice a little golf, so we all got into the golf carts to go with...the golf carts (which came with the rooms at the resort and were such a hit with Alexander and Brayden every time we got into it to go back to the room or main hotel) were more fun and entertaining apparently to the kids than watching golf b/c meltdown started to occur, so that was a short practice. Alex must have been really tired b/c the ride back to our room in the cart (which was not long at all) put him to sleep. Off to bed it was!

Saturday, the boys were off to play golf, so Jess and I took the kids to eat breakfast. A little rocky that was b/c they had Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck making rounds and Brayden and sweet Emma were not fans (more so Brayden) of them, and it kept interrupting our breakfast. When Wally and Greg got back it was off to the pool for lunch and some sun. Alexander had the best time in their kiddy pool and kept giving me a heart attack by wanting to crawl in deeper to put his head under. It was then back to the room for naps so we were all refreshed for the Riverwalk and dinner. It ended up being just dinner on the Riverwalk as it was a bit later than what we planned on getting down their and even with naps and being on vacations the kids were feeling their oats. No amount of margaritas were going to calm them down enough to where we didn't care anymore...so back to the hotel (which was fine by all as it was so hot and crowded, but at least we experienced, right?!). We were back at the hotel around 9:30ish to catch Fiesta Texas fireworks show(next to the hotel so it was a great view), what a way to end an evening, then it was baths and bed.

Sunday was departure day...it was breakfast, back to the room to pack, and "On the rode, again...." . It was a great weekend, and thank you to Greg, Jessica, Nick, and Emma for helping to make it a memorable family vacation to San Antonio...we look forward to some more fun times in the future, but next time their will be for sure spa time in their (double to make up for this one :) ).