A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wally & His "Hole In One"

W's lucky ball that will go up on a plaque

The club's email that got sent out to all members

On the same day we got Jax, Wally, also got a hole in one on the Dye course.  It must have been his lucky day...great puppy, great swing ;).  I was so excited for him when he sent me a text stating what he just did.  Apparently, it is a hard hole to do that on, a Par 4 with a 337 yards distance.  To date, this is W's 2nd "hole in one"...pretty impressive.

Meet Jax

I have fallen behind, but for good reason....we got a puppy.  We have had him almost a week, now...I can't believe it!  But with my youngest still afraid to walk around the pup, potty training, and being wife, mother, and everyday activities, it has been a little bit harder to sit at the computer for long periods of time that aren't a few minutes.

Jax, what a puppy!!  And I mean that in a happy owner kind-of-way.  He is so good and so calm for being a pup.  So on with his stats, he is a goldendoodle (half golden retriever, half poodle), 13 weeks old, and as of last week weighed 16 lbs (they estimated his full grown weight to be 80 lbs, so we will see).  He looks more retriever, but has yet to shed...I have given him 2 baths and try to brush him every other day or so, and have yet to see any hair (yay, for the poodle in him, exactly what I wanted).  His personalty is very much both dogs...very much wants to please, and loves the boys, even when that are playing with his ears or in his face (actually that is just Brayden), and loves to fetch a ball, but has to be in the mood....all part of the retriever.  He is also very smart, so far training him is easy (knock on wood it continues), very calm, loves to be where you are, but also very independent.

We couldn't have picked out a better dog for our family.  We love our Jax!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picnic In The Livingroom

An evening with Chef Rayne

Checking out where the dog is

Sadie hugging Sopia

Cute pic

...lovin' on her dog

picnic in the livingroom

B and YaYa

Not the best of quality but the pic is so cute

A little hesitation, but a huge stride

....and we finally have a break through moment....YAY!!!

Pretty Princess Sadie

We went to my sister's house on Thursday eveningto let the kiddos have a picnic in the livingroom while watching a movie, and she and I would sip on some wine and snack...well, that was the plan at least.  Somehow that "cool" picnic idea didn't turn out as we planned by keeping them occupied.  If it wasn't them wanting to hang around us, it was running around, not eating with some whining, a bit of crying, and screaming b/c the dog came around.  Whew!  Let me remind you though, this was on a day of school, swim lessons, excitment all day about our picnic, and no naps pretty much all week...so needless to say, this was expected.  But all in all, I nor the boys would have changed our fun evening with 3 very fun girls...we will take it how it comes, meltdowns and all.

On a side note, Brayden had a HUGE break through with Sophia (if you don't know, my boys are terrified of dogs).  He help feed her, played fetch with her, pet her, and even got in her face on the floor to give her a HUG & KISS.  We are on our way peeps....I may be introducing a new family member sooner rather than later...and yes, we are still talking about dogs, here :).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday Funday

Taking turns hitting the ball

Representing 4...not much longer

Alex taking a swing with his putter :)...maybe that's why the ball didn't go anywhere

having fun


I got ditched....rode in a golf cart by myself half way through

All by myself...why I need a girl :)

NICE shot, Walls!!!



and the topper to our afternoon and evening out!

So today we took the boys golfing.  It was fun, the boys (all 3) were loving it, I was in between...I was having fun til those wasp came to the cart trying to get in the sand containers....are you serious?!??  Never had a problem with that happening....UGH!!!  Either they are out in full force or the just love to bother me....whatever the answer is, I do not like them and never will (sorry, W, have to deal w/ it).  Have we played, we went to Zen Zin requested by Brayden (he loves their pizza), and as a special treat we took them to get frozen yogurt.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Brayden's Dude

Brayden and his "dude" Dylan, are such good buddies, always talking about going on camp outs and just be boys.  It was a nice and fun morning!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Done!!


I finally have a bedroom that I love!!!  YAY!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

It was a beautiful Saturday for an Easter egg hunt....AND we had a successful pic and time with the Easter Bunny!  The boys were super cute, and Brayden was super excited to be in the older group this year for the hunt.  So that meant the boys were split up this year (why there are not pics of Brayden egg hunting).  But between school, Brayden hunt over at our neighbors (Alex and I had his friend's bday party to go to), today, and tomorrow...we will have ENOUGH eggs. 

Happy Easter, everyone!!