A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picnic In The Livingroom

An evening with Chef Rayne

Checking out where the dog is

Sadie hugging Sopia

Cute pic

...lovin' on her dog

picnic in the livingroom

B and YaYa

Not the best of quality but the pic is so cute

A little hesitation, but a huge stride

....and we finally have a break through moment....YAY!!!

Pretty Princess Sadie

We went to my sister's house on Thursday eveningto let the kiddos have a picnic in the livingroom while watching a movie, and she and I would sip on some wine and snack...well, that was the plan at least.  Somehow that "cool" picnic idea didn't turn out as we planned by keeping them occupied.  If it wasn't them wanting to hang around us, it was running around, not eating with some whining, a bit of crying, and screaming b/c the dog came around.  Whew!  Let me remind you though, this was on a day of school, swim lessons, excitment all day about our picnic, and no naps pretty much all week...so needless to say, this was expected.  But all in all, I nor the boys would have changed our fun evening with 3 very fun girls...we will take it how it comes, meltdowns and all.

On a side note, Brayden had a HUGE break through with Sophia (if you don't know, my boys are terrified of dogs).  He help feed her, played fetch with her, pet her, and even got in her face on the floor to give her a HUG & KISS.  We are on our way peeps....I may be introducing a new family member sooner rather than later...and yes, we are still talking about dogs, here :).