A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

4th Folder, 4th Picture....Brothers, Then & Now

Then...May 18, 2007
Now...February 23, 2009

I was tagged by my sister to display my 4th photo from my fourth folder on my computer. So here it is, Brayden and Alexander on the couch together, one of the first "brother" pics I took of them. Brayden is not quiet 2 yet (21 months to be exact) and Alexander just weeks old. Here's a bonus, I just remembered Brayden calling out to me just a couple of days ago to take a pic, I grabbed my camera and found the boys together on the couch... so here is a THEN and NOW for my 4 pic, 4th folder. Wow, how they have grown up quickly, and my did B have some long hair back then :).
I tag Ally, Winnie, Misty, and Amy to do the same...can't wait to see your pics :)!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Brayden working on decorating Daddy's card

Alex, too, although that is a look of "I am coloring on everything but the paper"

The finished product, Brayden's is the pink hands & Alexander is the white, and their pages that they colored are behind it with a their picture I took of them.

Brayden decorating cookies

Brayden's cookies he decorated...The BEST Valentine cookies I ever had
Mr. B proud of his work

This is where Alex was while we were decorating cookies, upstairs in the playroom. Truly no interest!

We had a great day spent with each other, doing crafts, playing, and baking cookies. Well Brayden and I baked cookies, Alex had no interest in it except for coming by to give a little taste test (just like his Daddy). The boys and I made Valentine's cards for Daddy while he was playing in a golf tournament in the morning, his first one since his knee surgery. He came in second place in his group, which I think is AWESOME!!! Yea, Daddy!! Yesterday evening was a change in plans, Wally and I were going to go out to dinner to celebrate, but our babysitter/my mom got sick, so we ordered food in and had a nice evening with the boys. It was probably better that way since we were asleep by 9:30, oh dear, we are old :). It was a busy day for Walls, and I had gone out with my friend/neighbor the night before, so it was to bed late and early to get up.

Hope every had a great V-day! Xoxo from the Elibiary's

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Valentine's Party Like No Other

Brayden class today had a full blown out party to celebrate Valentine's Day. It was a Valentine's/Pajama/Pizza/Movie & Popcorn Party, and he had a blast. It was so cute to see the other kids in there pj's, and what a comfortable day. Here is a pic of the V-day cards that Brayden gave to his fellow classmates and the boy himself in his pj's w/ the box he made at school for his cards.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sponge Bob Twins

This will probably be the last time Brayden will wear these. I just bought him these pj's around Christmas time, size 5T, and either both boys have gone through a growth spurt, or they REALLY shrunk in the wash just recently. So this 2 pack of pajamas is just perfect for Alex, and a bit too small for B now. Cute, sweet brothers! The pictures captures and state their brotherly bond well...for the most part.

Pretty In Pink

Brayden wearing my pink slippers.....my, how handsome he is :)

This is what I got greeted with while cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Apparently, our closet was raided by the boys...well, just my shoes. Oh, dear, Wally would be so proud. What a character!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So a few nights ago, we were all in the living room hanging out, Wally was doing his knee exercises, Alex and I watching Diego, and Brayden was running around like a monkey. Finally, Wally, who was getting the brunt of Brayden's wildness, having to sit on the floor in the middle of the living room, in the way of the monkey, said "Brayden are you bored?"
Brayden: "Yes!"
Daddy: "Do you even know what bored means?"
Brayden (without skipping a beat): "Yes, it's being married."

OMG, Wally and I were laughing so hard!!! But now the question is, and since I'm asking it right now, you know it wasn't me, who is feeding Brayden this mixed idea of what marriage is?! No, really, we both were shocked and laughing about it, but our eyebrows went up at each other, thinking the other was to blame.

All I can say is, what a fun age :)!!

When Brayden Is Away, Alexander Comes Out To Play

Alexander just laughing

Running back and forth
Tempting to mess up the folded clothes, I shoulda put away earlier...serves me right

"Where's Alex?!"
"There he is!"
Houston, we have a problem....lost his darn paci
Reach, reach, reachhhhhhh
Couldn't reach it....oh, it's looking bad

...yep, bad!... Water works and all, and all over that silly paci

I don't get very many pics of just Alex on our days together when Brayden is in school, I take true advantage of those days...they are my run days, sometimes running errands to the very last minute approaching 2:00. But my life is easier when I can accomplish the running around with just 1 child. Watch out, next year I am booking myself for lunch dates with my girlfriends since both boys will be in preschool. Anyways, today I did a short errand and we were back home to spend quality time together, which was much needed. Alexander is a hoot to watch and play with when his big bro isn't around getting in his face and bossing him around (one day it will catch up to Brayden as both boys continue to grow and Alex catches up). Here are some pics of him in rare form of just Alexander.
It is amazing to me just how different both boys are when not around each other...they are some sweet, loving, well behaved lil' boys when it is one-on-one time, but together they bring out the wild side (and sometimes bad) in each other. I won't even go there of what they did yesterday outside in the backyard while I was making dinner (I know to look out the window when it's quiet or I here the faucet outside being turn on and screaming and laughing b/c the water is spraying out of control...that's what I get for having 2 boys with the Elibiary genes in them).