A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Happens When Your 3 1/2 Year Old Gets A Hold Of The Camera...

His self portrait

random...I think it is of his finger, really close up

the counter

a pic of his baby Halloween pic and Alex's baby pic

A bunch of random pics is what! Lately, when I go to use my camera I find random pictures of the house that I didn't take...so it must be from a sneaky someone who can get up on the bar stool and knows my hiding spot (but also handy for those moments I need the camera fast), and I have the feeling the name starts with a B.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brayden's Family Portrait

Brayden artwork

Capturing him next to his work

This little boy loves to dance, and I think it is so funny, so here he is dancing

...and more dancing

Yesterday evening, Brayden and I went to outside to color on the sidewalk. At one point, he said he was going to draw Mommy and Daddy, and next thing I know there was Alex and Brayden, and it was actually a clear pic of faces (not smiling but hey you can see little dots for eyes and a mouth and even got our sizes down). I was very impressed with his first actual "clear" picture beside squiggles, and that it was of us. So cute!!

Dory....our new fish

RIP Shamu :(
Welcoming Dory

So, the day before the Sip and See, I gave Shamu a clean tank, clean water, and some new food, and did everything like I have always done before....well, the next morning Shamu was in a permanent sleep. Our plan was to get another fish that looked like Shamu and just switch them out and Brayden would never know. But A) I never had the alone time to go to the fish store, and B) it was in my heart to just be honest with him that Shamu had past away (knowing one day I would be able to go to the store and switch something out). So I told Brayden and he seemed ok with it and happy that Shamu was with God now in fishy heaven (he is still a 3 year old), then it was "can we get another fish". So after a visit to the pet store, we now have Dory, who...hmmmm... looks a little like Shamu (Brayden had completely decision on which one we picked out). I was also so close to getting a salt water tank after seeing Alex all excited with seeing a real life Nemo, but remembering how not excited I was to have to get another fish to only clean up after, I didn't want to deal with a salt water tank...oh, but it was close.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pre-Easter Celebrations

My three handsome boys!

Easter bunny was too close for comfort
My only pic with one of them and the Easter bunny...sneaky :)

I love my boys!

Mommy and B-boy
There goes Alex, I think he was happy to run around

Alex and Daddy
Brayden keeping his eyes out for the Easter bunny

Hugs at the end...we survived the BUNNY!!!!
Setting out the confetti eggs
Who knew cracking eggs on mommy's back was soooo much fun

Saturday was a busy day all together. It started with taking the boys up to the club for the Easter egg hunt and breakfast with the Easter bunny, then I was back home to set up for the Sip and See, and after that was some fun with the boys with Easter activities.

Breakfast was interesting since the boys were not fans of the big Easter bunny walking around, so instead of pancakes, eggs, and cereal it was cookies for breakfast to bribe them to tolerate the bunny and sit and eat something til the egg hunt started. So much with a pic with the bunny and all 4 of us. But it was still a fun event like every year, just a bit chilly.

That evening, we took the boys out in the backyard to have some fun with cascarones (confetti eggs). They really thought that was fun, Brayden just likes to crack eggs (cooking or not), and Alex thought it was a riot to break the on my back. I was hoping to dye some Easter eggs, but by this time it was late, so definitely next year, and for sure Alex will be ready by then.

Easter 2009 Edition

Brayden's Easter basket
Alexander's Easter basket

Brayden found an egg!!

He is on a mission...
...nothing will stop him...
...til he found his basket
Daddy with Alex
Alex already into the candy...so much for breakfast this morning
Brayden and Mommy
Brayden playing with a monkey lantern

Easter morning was a lot of fun with the boys. As you can tell, Alex instantly spotted his Elmo basket, so forget him trying to find eggs. So that left Brayden to finding most of the eggs (which I made really easy to find b/c of Alex) until he found his basket. Then it was some hours of fun with the light savers the boys got from the Easter bunny. I will have to get some pics on of them playing, quiet cute.
That afternoon, my mom came over to celebrate and eat Easter dinner...and watch the Master's with us (YEA!!). It was a nice day all together and our tummies were nicely full at the end.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Sip and See For Baby Ethan McGee!!

An Easter theme for Ethan's Sip & See

Party favors

Yummy food!

Decorations for the Sip & See

A close up of his name for his Mommy

Lynda, Amber w/ Ethan, Kim, & Cyndi

Rayne, Ally, & Sharon

Rayne, Ally, Sharon, Vanessa, & Tiffany

Susan (Ally's mom), Heidi, Kay, Lynda, Amber, Cyndi, Brooke w/ Ethan

Vanessa, Adrienne, & Tiffany w/ Ethan

My dearest friend, Ally, had her sweet baby boy, Ethan, back in February, since they now live in Houston we decided to celebrate after the birth. So, Saturday, was the day to honor and fuss over lil' Ethan. It was a great celebration, with food and mimosas, great group of girls to chat with (most conversations were about baby and kids, imagine that :) ), and a great guest of honor that was so sweet and so good (really, what boy wouldn't be with a room full of girls just for him?!).

It was bittersweet when she had to leave in the evening, but we got to visit for awhile, along with the husbands, kids, even Kay (mother-in-law and grandmother) and niece Amber. So I can't be too sad. One day they will be back in Dallas and we will have our very frequent playdates back that I know we both have always looked forward to. Until then, we will make due of the phone...so far so good, but summer maybe a different story. Hmmmm, maybe I see road trips in our future to Houston over the summer.