A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dress Up...not what you think Wally :) !

Brayden wanted to "dress-up" in his Daddy's clothes, and thought he was such a big boy doing so. He loves his Daddy! And who said dress-up is just for girls?! I need to get a pick of him when working out with Wally in the "boy's room", he is up their with his shirt off and in his little shorts keeping up with Daddy, truly like father, like son. He cracks me up when you say "Brayden, show me your muscles", he poses for you flexing his "guns". He loves to do A push-up, yes, just 1 push-up, and he is done. Love it!

Got Milk?!

Just a cute little pic of Alexander I wanted to share. I was getting ready and he was up a little bit earlier, so it was just he and I while Brayden was still sleeping on this morning. He came crawling in the bathroom, and I laughed when I saw his face all covered with his milk and a smile from ear to ear. Sweet boy!

Behind the Wheel

Last Friday we put my SUV in the shop for some maintenance, so we had a rental car. I wasn't even going to deal w/ installing the cars seats since we would have the car back in the morning. But by the time the afternoon came around, Wally was golfing, the boys were up, and mama (me) was hungry and did not feel so good, so the last thing I wanted to do was think about what to make for dinner much less have to cook. I was then off to the garage with a baby boy not far behind (he is my little shadow these days). While I exhausted myself with the last bit of energy I had left installing the car seats and wondering if it was worth not cooking, I placed Alexander in the drivers seat to entertain him while I was doing all of that. He was so happy and loved it...thank goodness we are years away from him actually being behind the wheel.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter EGG-travaganza

Today we took the boys to the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club for the Easter egg hunt. This year was the first "real" egg hunt we have gone to, unless you count the ones around the house we did with Brayden in past years. I was really looking forward to it and seeing Brayden's reaction... just what I expected, priceless. The event started off with a little entertainment show for the kiddos with music, dancing, puppets, and balloon animal act. Then it was off to find some eggs. Brayden started off slow with retrieving the eggs, but once Daddy showed him the surprise inside (candy, candy, and oh-yeah, more candy) he was on the hunt for as many eggs as possible. Lucky for him his Easter basket could carry them all. Alexander was pretty much along for the ride. I put him down on the grass right by an egg so maybe I could get a shot of him getting it, but he was way more fascinated with the grass than the egg. Oh-well...I tried! So with the eggs in our basket and our toddler as happy as he could be with candy in each hand and in his mouth, it was off to go have brunch and see the Easter bunny. Surprisingly, Brayden did well with the Easter bunny (considering what we went through to get a pic with Santa) and was wanting to go and find him to say hi gain. That was until we were eating and the Easter bunny was making his rounds, and some of the children started to cry when he was approaching their tables. I guess Brayden thought to himself "Well, if they are crying, their must be something wrong with this bunny" and all down hill from there. Just a nice family day spent together!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snow?...Again?...In March?...Crazy!!!

What in the world is up with our weather?! Not that I am complaining because it's always exciting to get snow in Texas since it's not our norm. Brayden loved it and was excited when he got up from his nap since it was quickly gone from a couple of day ago. It was a little more special on this snow day because Daddy was home to play with us. It took a little coaxing to get him out to play with us since he just got back from skiing, but who could resist a snowball and a playful 2 year old boy. I could tell Alexander was not a fan of the snow hitting his face by his facial expressions, plus it was really cold, but he was a trooper for experiencing his first snow (sniff-sniff).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

The snow at 10pm
What I saw when I got up this morning at 6:30 am
4 inches of SNOW
Brayden in awe of the snow
I got Brayden with snowball
Fun! Fun! Fun!

"Where's Erica?"

"Where are my shoes?!"
It was news to me when my neighbor, Erica, came over to drop off a little gift to Brayden, she informed me that it was SNOWING. What?! Sure enough it was...how exciting. So finally when the alarm guys left (that was a nightmare in itself, from 2pm-7pm, and the alarm is still not working), I got Alexnader changed and in bed, then it was Mommy and Brayden time, and then Brayden off to bed, I went and looked outside and there was a white blanket...already.
I got up this morning and after watching the weather to find it was going to be in the upper 50's, I knew I had to get Brayden up to play in the snow ASAP before it was all gone. So he and I were outside by 7:15 playing. It was perfect snow to play with, no ice, just soft snow...and surprisingly lots of it, we got 4 inches of it. Brayden didn't know what to think at first, here there is a bunch of white stuff on the ground and it's making my pants wet and cold, but that quickly changed after I threw a snowball at him...it was all fun after that.

Monday, March 3, 2008

While The Cat Is Away, The Mice Will Play

Wally is in Utah skiing, so the boys and I have been enjoying our times together w/o Daddy and I have been keeping Brayden occupied so he is not thinking and asking "Where's Daddy". By day 2 or 3 I think he was a little mad at Daddy not being home b/c he would not talk to Daddy at first the first couple of time that Wally had called. So the best story so far while Wally has been out of town, was when Wally's mom, Mogda came over, with Uncle Ihab, and cousin Yasmeen and Noora. Let me rewind... one of our activities this week was to find Brayden some fake bugs because I find my little boy outside playing with them and trying to feed them his water (yea for me since I hate bugs). So he loves his new toys and slowly learning the names of the bugs because at this point all bugs are spiders to him, he really likes the beetle right now. So when he was playing with the girls, he wanted to show off his new little beetle (just FYI these bugs look pretty darn real) so he brings it over to Yasmeen and Noora, and the reaction from Yasmeen was priceless. Poor thing, but I have also had that same reaction due to Brayden and his love of bugs right now, except the one he brought me was real. Mogda and I were laughing pretty hard....what can I say....BOYS! Here are some pics during our week.

2 Boys + 1 Girl = Cousin Fun

On this day, I had the pleasure to watch my niece, Sadie. Brayden and Sadie love to play together, but they at times go and do their own thing. So this was the case at one point in time, Brayden was watching something on tv and Sadie went to play with the magnet letters on the refrigerator. So Alexander was off to find his cousin, and once he did he sat down with her and played her. Now that our baby is getting older, Brayden isn't the only one to play around and have fun with. It's so cute to watch "A" want to be apart of something. It was a fun day, as we colored, laughed, chased each other around the house, and of course munched a little on some snacks.