A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter EGG-travaganza

Today we took the boys to the Stonebridge Ranch Country Club for the Easter egg hunt. This year was the first "real" egg hunt we have gone to, unless you count the ones around the house we did with Brayden in past years. I was really looking forward to it and seeing Brayden's reaction... just what I expected, priceless. The event started off with a little entertainment show for the kiddos with music, dancing, puppets, and balloon animal act. Then it was off to find some eggs. Brayden started off slow with retrieving the eggs, but once Daddy showed him the surprise inside (candy, candy, and oh-yeah, more candy) he was on the hunt for as many eggs as possible. Lucky for him his Easter basket could carry them all. Alexander was pretty much along for the ride. I put him down on the grass right by an egg so maybe I could get a shot of him getting it, but he was way more fascinated with the grass than the egg. Oh-well...I tried! So with the eggs in our basket and our toddler as happy as he could be with candy in each hand and in his mouth, it was off to go have brunch and see the Easter bunny. Surprisingly, Brayden did well with the Easter bunny (considering what we went through to get a pic with Santa) and was wanting to go and find him to say hi gain. That was until we were eating and the Easter bunny was making his rounds, and some of the children started to cry when he was approaching their tables. I guess Brayden thought to himself "Well, if they are crying, their must be something wrong with this bunny" and all down hill from there. Just a nice family day spent together!