A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Saturday, February 27, 2010

SUN...Enough Said

First shot, and 2 willing participants

Couldn't get a pic w/ all 3 smiling and looking at me to save my life....grrr

My subects are starting to loose interest....down to just 2, again

Great....lost all 3...but I'm still taking the pic :)

Finally made it to Starbucks

A detour on our way home...the boys wanted to a fish so bad, but it wasn't happening this morning

Since my "subjects" abandoned me, I took a pic of my future house *wink, wink, Wally :)*  This house is just amazingly HUGE and ornate and beautiful...and that is just the outside backyard and back...I would love to be a fly on the wall in this house :).  A little over 10,000 sq ft and 3 stories...what do you do with all that space??

This morning we were all up pretty early and since it was a beautiful, sunny morning (a bit chilly but not enough to let the sun go to waste) we went for a walk...and since Starbuck is in a nice walking distance (not too long, and not too short), we treated the boys to 1 chocolate milk and 1 vanilla milk.  It is such a pretty walk in through out the neighborhood, that gave some good photo opportunities this morning...so I thought, but all 3 boys were not so obliging to my requests. Oh well, whats a photo-taking mom to do?!?!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

We Made It Through the Night

We actually made it through 2 nights with Alex staying put and sleeping in his big boy bed just fine.  First night, about 5 minutes into it, he started crying wanting the bars back, but after I calmed him down and made it a "big" deal with how "cool" his bed is and now when he wakes up he can get out of bed now on his own (hoping he doen't take advantage of that) when the SUN comes UP....he crawled back under his covers and was out.  Night 2 had no tears but kept saying he wanted a hug and kiss, so after 5 of those he was tucked in for the night.  YAY!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BIG Changes...

For our baby, I mean our lil' boy, Alex....I knew this day was coming, but I think all 3 of us (Daddy, Alex, and myself) have been stalling.  Since he is our last it's a little harder to let go of the baby and the things that surround that title.  So, today was the day I took the side down on his crib to transform it to his toddler bed...and since I was at it, I switched out the high chair (we were already using it as a booster anyways) for a real booster like brother (I keep B in one to limit the amount of dirty hands on my fabric...smart, I tell ya and less cleaning).  So that is it with an actual crib and high chair *sniff sniff*!!!  As I was taking the front off the crib, not like that wasn't hard enough, when I moved his bed to make sure all the screws were tighten, there laid one of his old paci's.  I swear I got rid of them all, but I guess this one decided to hide in the bed skirt to slap me in the face on this very day.  The water works started, but I sucked it up when it was time to show him his new bed.  He was soooo happy!!  Good thing b/c a few months ago when we were talking about "big boy" beds he got mad and started crying and took me to his room and said "NO!! This is MY bed....Alex's bed!!"....the exact reason we took the front off instead of buying a bunk bed for him right now.  He is not one to jump on in to new things like Brayden was/is...he is all about the baby steps...and the same goes for me when it comes to letting go of the BABY.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sun Is Out...Off To The Park We Go

It was beautiful a beautiful morning, a little chilly, but the sun was out, and we were taking full advantage of it....off to the park it was.  They had lots of fun and I got some pics, a jog in, and wore them out for a good nap today...that is what a call a GOOD day.  I even got a flower at the end of our park time from B :).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow, Pajamas, And Valentine's Parties...Oh MY!!

the snow at 6 am

The snow at 10:30 am

Brayden's Raccoon class

Sweet Treats

The sugar kickin' in

SNOW!!  This is what the kiddos were doing in Alex's class, too.

Taking class pics outside for a few minutes...while waiting their turn they were throwing snowballs

Alex's cute flower pot...his pics are of him motioning I- Love-You

Opening their Valentine cards

So today it SNOWED!!!  They are saying 7-10 inches...that is a lot Dallas!!! So of course I took some pics :).  When Brayden saw the snow this morning he said "God must think it's Christmas today....that's so funny...", so funny what they think and interpret.

There was still school today, so it was Alex's pajama, pizza, and Valentine's party, and Brayden was just having a Valentine's party.  Since Alex is younger they don't have the parents come ti celebrate :(...but that's why I didn't take pics at his party.  Didn't want you all to think I was playing favorites ;)...but I did peek through the window to see him for a brief sec.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sporty B

This was Brayden's first day in his sports class...that day was roller hockey.  He loved it, in fact, he scored a goal :)...I was one proud Mommy :)!!  At one point he rolled on over to us just to come say he loved us and that he was having fun....so sweet.  It will be interesting to see which sport he will gravitate to....golf, basketball, or hockey, is my guess as those are the ones he keeps talking about and has interest in.

Story Time

After school last week, the boys and I went to the new library that opened up just around the corner from us.  So we came home with lots of good reads that day!  So that night, Daddy read the boys each a book that they picked out, and cuddled up on the couch.  But before Daddy could read, Alex had to read and show the pictures from the Max and Ruby book....I think the teachers are rubbing off on Alex :).