A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When Brayden Is Away, Alexander Comes Out To Play

Alexander just laughing

Running back and forth
Tempting to mess up the folded clothes, I shoulda put away earlier...serves me right

"Where's Alex?!"
"There he is!"
Houston, we have a problem....lost his darn paci
Reach, reach, reachhhhhhh
Couldn't reach it....oh, it's looking bad

...yep, bad!... Water works and all, and all over that silly paci

I don't get very many pics of just Alex on our days together when Brayden is in school, I take true advantage of those days...they are my run days, sometimes running errands to the very last minute approaching 2:00. But my life is easier when I can accomplish the running around with just 1 child. Watch out, next year I am booking myself for lunch dates with my girlfriends since both boys will be in preschool. Anyways, today I did a short errand and we were back home to spend quality time together, which was much needed. Alexander is a hoot to watch and play with when his big bro isn't around getting in his face and bossing him around (one day it will catch up to Brayden as both boys continue to grow and Alex catches up). Here are some pics of him in rare form of just Alexander.
It is amazing to me just how different both boys are when not around each other...they are some sweet, loving, well behaved lil' boys when it is one-on-one time, but together they bring out the wild side (and sometimes bad) in each other. I won't even go there of what they did yesterday outside in the backyard while I was making dinner (I know to look out the window when it's quiet or I here the faucet outside being turn on and screaming and laughing b/c the water is spraying out of control...that's what I get for having 2 boys with the Elibiary genes in them).