A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

They Are Official, A Raccoon & Butterfly

Two BIG boys these days
We are registered!!!

CHEERS to us!

Today, I went to register both boys for preschool in September, and to celebrate both of them getting signed up, we ate apples...what better way to celebrate, right?! Raccoon and Butterfly are their class names, in case you were thinking I had lost my marbles. This year Brayden was a Ladybug, and has loved every minute of it from the class, to his teacher, to the learning, to his new friends. So there was no question if we would sign up Alexander next year, the fact that he cries when we drop Brayden off was a clear indication of what we needed to do.
It was very bittersweet this morning when I left to get them registered, in fact it was deja vu with my feelings all over again when I went and registered Brayden last year. But after watching Brayden grow and learn this year, I am excited to see that same twinkle of pride in Alex's eyes that I see in Brayden's. I am sure come September I will be back on the same boat for a couple of weeks of tears in my eyes when it hit how fast these 2 lil' munchkins are growing up.

Ok, now for my little Mommy bragging moment b/c I am so PROUD of Brayden. At orientation for Brayden's class in September, they said that by the end of the year most of the kids will be able to recognize their name written out. Well Brayden, surprised me one day in October when showing me his art from school and pointed to his name and said "Look, Mommy, Brayden!", so he had that down with what they said we could expect and with just that I was so proud and pleased. He now knows the letters of the alphabet and he has been pointing out every letter in words from the books when we read at night, so one night I quizzed him and asked to spell his name, and not looking at anything that had his name written out, by memory he spelt out B-R-A-Y-D-E-N, I was impressed and proud that he could spell out and remember the sequence of all 7 letters. Way to go, B!!