A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Room To Monkey Around In & Say Arghhhh!

First night in bed
So excited!

The New Monkey Pirate Room

His new bunk bed

Photo board I made to match the them

The inspiration~the monkey pirate bedding

Hand painted intitials

The homemade monkey picture, took awhile to do on computer but worth every minute

So FINALLY, I know, I am done enough to post pics of the BIG boy's new room. The inspiration came from his nap mat, I love the monkeys and adding the pirate really makes it boy, plus we already had a collection of monkeys (he is our lil' monkey). So I changed the stripe colors with a little paint, which ended up being week project and a headache, who knew since I was just "painting over" the existing stripes, but it was. I still need to get the monkey fabric to my mother-in-law to do the bedding and make a pillow cover for the top bunk, but I laid it out so I could take pics for you guys out there who kept asking about my little project.

But all my sweat , little blood, lots of bruises, and a few tears went in this room, which is why I am so Proud of it and get tickled tucking my munchkin in bed now. I put together the bed and dresser due to my excitement of getting it in, and not having the patience to wait for the weekend when Uncle Ihab was going to build all of this since Daddy was out with his knee. That is where my sweat, blood, and bruises came from. The tears came from when I peeled back the tape to reveal my last set of stripes (thinking I was done) only to discover that the paint had bled through the tape, and the color was dark brown. Now I had to go in by hand on EVERY stripe with the blue and beige color and repaint those stripes. Plus the few tears I had taking down his crib bed and watching it drive away along with the dresser, but that was short lived b/c they are going to a great friends and am so happy to see the furniture in there home.

Brayden's first night in his new bed went great, and he loves it, in fact now when I go upstairs to wake him up, he is still asleep. I must say that bed is pretty darn comfortable, at night I lay down with him and we talk, tell stories, or read a book, and it takes all I have not to stay and fall asleep. But the first night Daddy even came upstairs (which he is NOT suppose to do) to tuck his boy in on his very first night in his big boy bed.


Ally said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love love love it!!! It is even more perfect than I imagined. What a proud big boy Brayden must be. You should be so proud Niki! You did an amazing job!!!

Cyd said...


OM! I love it! I love decorating...I have the ideas,but expensive taste, so I have to pick my projects carefully. I will be redoing my daughter's room this summer...I may need you!! :) Cyd

Amy said...

Love it super cute! It's wierd putting them in a twin bed because they are still our babies at heart.

He looks totally stoked to be in a big boy bed!