A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Brain Hurts

Yes, it actually does from trying to plan and decorate Brayden's big boy room. The big trouble really has been deciding on paint colors. I didn't want to paint the entire room, plus I really like blue and the main blue in his room I love, it's the stripes that is creating the headache. But I think (cross my fingers) I have decided on the colors, time will tell when I am all done if I really like it. Another headache is painting a 3 year old's room. The times to do it is when he is in school or Alex's nap time and having Brayden stay downstairs...ha-ha, B stay downstairs, yeah right, oi-vay! Tonight or tomorrow I will order the fabric to make his duvet cover and pillows. We are really on a roll now, bed ordered (check), paint decided on (check, hopefully), misc stuff for room (half check, need a few more things)...yea, can't wait to see the final outcome. When it is all complete I will post pics of Brayden's BIG boy room, so far he loves the sample stripes I was testing out on the wall, and can't wait for his bed to get here. Stay tuned! (It will be a bit as Wally is having surgery on his knee this week)


vanessalmcgee@aol.com said...

Sounds like fun! When your done, do you want to come do Andrew and Trevors room? Ha, Ha! Hope his surgery goes well next week. My dad had it done a few years ago and the recovery time was very quick!

jwhitec40 said...

I emailed Wally but my address must be old. Your family is growing up! What happened to Wally's knee? Can you have him email me (jwhitec40@mac.com) or call me at 817-938-5256. Our 7 year Pathways refresher comes up in March and I would love to see him again. Ya'll are blessed with a beautiful family.