A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Has Come and Gone

Happy Father's Day!

"Cheers to you, Daddy!"

Trying to get a pic of all 3 is difficlut...this is what I could getSick little B-boy with his brother's doggy blanket

What a day...started off fun and relaxing and by the end of the day it had turned to comforting 2 sick kids. Wally and Brayden left to go and get donuts (their usual weekend morning stop) and Alexander and I stayed back and played. When the boys got back, Brayden and Alexander gave Daddy their homemade gift, and the morning was spent hanging out with the boys and playing. Around 10:30 I knew something was up with Brayden...he was in our bed just laying their and hung out their til lunch (not the usual behavior to a little boy who ate donuts for breakfast). I made the boys lunch, Alex ate like a champ but was cranky so went down quickly after he ate, and Brayden was still sitting at the table not touching his food. Not normal since I gave him his favorite chips with his sandwich. When I asked what was wrong he said he was sick and his tummy hurt, Brayden has gotten into a habit of when he doesn't want to do something or is in trouble he will say he is sick, but I knew this time was different since he specifically said what hurt. I took his temperature, and sure enough it was 100.4. So after giving him so Tylenol, I had him come into our bed and he laid down with me, and the boy actually went to sleep, so we napped for like 30 minutes together (I have been waiting for the day that he would actually lay down, and nap with me), then Wally I took him up to his bed.

In the afternoon, Wally watched golf, what he wanted to do for his Father's Day, but when the boys got up if Brayden was feeling better we were going to do something with the boys. Well Wally got his wish, Brayden woke up still sick and hot and just wanted to lay with one of us, and although Alexander woke up just fine, that quickly turned. We ordered pizza for dinner, and by the time it had arrived, Brayden was feeling a bit better, better enough to actually eat a little bit at least, and Alexander already with a full belly was just hanging out. After dinner we were all on couches watching golf, I had both boys on the couch with me, and when Brayden moved over to Wally's couch, Alex was still hanging out with me just relaxing, then he moved to laying down with me, and then fell asleep in my arms (this was at 6:30, our boys don't go to bed til 8 for Alex and 8:30 for Brayden) I got up to take his temp b/c he was feeling hot to me but didn't know if that was being cuddled up with me with a blanket...it read 101.3. So Tylenol for the baby boy it was and he was off to bed.

So 2 sick boys it was on Father's Day. As a mother I hate seeing my boys not feeling well, but they melted my heart to today with how cuddly they were and both falling asleep with me. I felt bad but Wally loved just staying home and watching golf for the day and loving on his sick boys.