A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brayden The Swimmer...Well Kind Of

Reaching for a sinker
Zeke and Brayden playing in the hot tube Swimming with Ms. Ruth
We are going to watch him jump
"1-2-3-JUMP! "So proud of his certificate

Today was Brayden's last day of swim lessons...the lessons were everyday (M-Th) for 45 minutes for 2 weeks. I got him in lessons after we lost his balance at the club pool one day, and couldn't get his feet planted so he kept turning in the water til I could get to him (why it is so hard for me, alone, to take them to the pool at these ages), we were both a freaked and that's how we got to swim lessons for him.

It started of rocky on day 1 (still fear from what had happened, which before that incident he had no fear and was ready to just jump in), so Ms. Ruth had him come earlier from normal class time to do one-on-one time...which helped. But what really helped to get more involved in the water was watching the class after us, which was a family of boys (very sweet and took Brayden under their wings), and one boy, Zeke, was B's age. On our last day of lessons, Brayden joined the boys for their swim lessons, and thanks to their mom, Amy, I was able to capture the moment of this year's swim lessons (I forgot my camera :( ).


Mike'n'Amy said...

Yeehaw! Congrats, Brayden. The boys all loved swimming with you!