A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Splish Splash!

Handsome boy!

Sweet A!
"My little bro!"

Today was such a great and fun day with my boys...not that they aren't great everyday ;), but today was one of those days where I guess the planets were lined up correctly because both boys were little angels. It usually is one is good and the other gives me a little tougher time or is cranky...therefore we have a few tears or even worse a meltdown. Who knows maybe it was the pretty day we had today and all 3 of us wanted to take advantage of it so we were all on our best behavior and in good moods. Daddy went out golfing, so I had to go to Children's Place and decided to go to Park & Preston area so we could walk around since it's an outside shopping area. Both boys were good so I could run my errand...shopping for them so of course they were good. Leave it to my 2 & 1/2 year old to use his imagination and have fun, but then again he had freedom, he flirted with the women that walked by, ran up and down the steps and ramps, played with the water fountain, said "Hi" to frog statues, and climbed up on an elephant statue and the end of our trip and then said he was getting down because "Elephant takes nap, Mommy, shhhh!". Then we were back to the car and in our seat with no fighting, crying, or the word "NO!". Maybe it was because that Chick-fil-a was for lunch, but whatever it was I will take it.

After naps, the boys were up and we headed out to the backyard to play with Alex's new water and sand table (without the sand, I can just see Alex eating handfuls of that). It was fun, Alexander was not a fan of being splashed with water by his brother... I mean it was a scream-cry he hated it so bad, but stopped when I splashed back at Brayden for him, only to have Brayden wanting more.

Wally was done with golf at 5:30ish so we met him at Zen Zin for dinner and eat outside to enjoy more of the weather. Maybe it was the running around in the backyard, but the boys were pretty laid back, maybe even tired a bit, which gave us and the ones around a peaceful dinner. Brayden and I shared a pizza, It's So Gouda (the best pizza ever), and Wally had his fav steak sandwich and lobster bisque (also very good), and can't forget about A-boy he had some yummy green beans and some pizza (really the crust).


The Spaulding Family said...

Both of my nephews are so adorable...I love them in their swim trunks. Gosh, they are BOYS not babies anymore... Boo hoo! Hugs to everyone. YA YA!

The Spaulding Family said...

UPDATE YOUR BLOG, WOMAN! I love ya! Big Sister 6/6/08