A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happiest 1st Birthday, Alexander!!

May 9, 2007
Alexander Walid Elibiary

Yea!! Our baby boy is 1...and the only think I can say is 'Where has the time gone?'!! It truly feels like yesterday that we were at the hospital checking in and before we knew it Alexander was here...seriously 3 hours later he was in our arms. Good thing, too, because I was hungry and wanting lunch, and he arrived at 11:59 a.m. ...the boy was already good to his mama :).

Alexander was the best 2nd baby we could have asked for...like Wally said "He makes you want to have another...". Especially with Brayden and him only being 21 months apart and we were in the terrible 2's with Brayden, it allowed us to give Brayden a little more attention. He was so quiet and laid back, and went with the flow of the rest of the family. He really loves his Mommy, even back then, sleeping through the night at 5 weeks....ahhh, sleeping through the night. But both boys were great sleepers I have to say so we never suffered too long.

I remember days before having Alexander I was terrified of what was about to happen...I mean Brayden was my little boy, and how could I love another little boy the same or even close to as much as B-boy...and what about, Brayden he is going to hate us for bring home a baby who is going to eat up some of our attention. It's amazing though, it's like having your 1st baby all over again with that overwhelming love from the very first moment of meeting. Even when he was born he was quiet, didnt cry, and I remember vividly Wally asking the nurse if something was wrong with him...nope, he was just our quiet baby boy.
Even though it is sad that my little A is growing up and not the newborn anymore, I can't tell you how amazing and how much my heart warms when I see my two boys (and when Wally's home my 3 boys) playing with each other. Now that Alex is more vocal these days and copies Brayden, he is still that sweet baby boy we brought home from the hospital and so scrumptious with his smile and how he hides his face when you smile back...what a natural flirt. They are truly opposite from each other (compared to Brayden at A's age) from eating habits to behavior, but one thing they share and that we love is that they both are so loving. They are such the cuddle bugs. Alexander has recently started giving open-mouth kisses, and will crawl over, climb up on you and rest his head on your shoulder, talk about your heart melting. Both boys are so dear and special to us, we are so blessed to have them in our lives and couldn't have asked or dreamed of two better boys than what God has given us. One day they will realize just how blessed and fortuate they are to have each other in each other's lives and share that close bond that only brothers can have.

Daddy, Mommy, and big bro Brayden