A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Don't Mess With My Breakfast, Woman!"

The start of the tears...all over oatmeal
Full blown out crying
Brayden eating his Fruit Loops
It's a hit...YUMMY!

That is exactly what I think Alexander would say if he could talk. He was so not happy with me this morning...well he was when he saw he was going to have oatmeal, but when I sat his down and didn't give him his oatmeal right away, he wasn't. Last week when we were at the grocery store Brayden wanted to get cereal, so I let him pick out one of those individual serving ones...that way we could see if he liked it and how messy he would be before wasting a box (like he wouldn't like Fruit Loops, right?!). I had forgotten all about it til this morning so I decided to fix him a bowl, but wasn't going to put milk in it until I had both boys up and dressed (I know he is only 2, but I am sure a 2 year old would not like soggy cereal like the rest of us). So that leads me to the crying 1 year old I had on my hands once we got downstairs and seated...Alex couldn't be patient enough for me to pour milk in his brother's cereal so he could eat as well. Silly boy, he is still so cute when he is sad and crying, I am sure the camera and time spent taking the pictures only infuriated him more.