A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last Day For This Ladybug

September 2008
May 2009

Here is Brayden on his first day of school, and on his last day of school (thanks, Lisa, for the idea). Picking him up and watching him give big hugs to Ms. Betty and Ms. Tonya, I started to feel the tears coming on from ME (not Brayden) just realizing that these GREAT teachers will no longer be apart of our routine. But in return, I have a little boy who knows his alphabet, recognizes letters, knows his colors and numbers (up to 20), can spell his name and recognize it written out. More importantly, though, it was what wasn't taught that made a big impact on Brayden...friendship and bonds. And that he did, he made some great friends this year from classmates to teachers (myself included), and memories he will cherish from both...and with that I couldn't have asked for anything more for my little B-boy.

**Stay tuned for September, as I will send both boys of to preschool...oh, dear, I already need a tissue or a newborn ;)**


Lisa said...

So grown up! I love comparison shots... just makes you realize how quickly they grow. I'm gonna miss everyone too!