A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Monday, December 24, 2007

My Santa, My Husband

Wow! That is all I can and could say when I got my gift....actually it was tears. So Christmas Eve and my family is over to celebrate and exchange gifts, my sister and I are getting the food ready so we can eat, eat, and eat (we were all a little hungry) and Wally and Ron had to go run to the store (uh-huh, wink-wink). So they get back and while we are still preparing things in the kitchen, Wally decides to make a toast (I thought we were getting engaged again or we were expecting), he goes on to say how he as had a great year and couldn't have done it w/o me and our team work, very sweet and we all cheers. Back to the food, but my husband interrupted me again to say the mailman had arrived (he knew I was waiting still on one more package), I just brushed it off thinking I could get it later on since I was in a house w/ hungry people. I was then told to go and get the mail not only by my husband, but also everyone else. Now this was weird and knew something was going on, so I went. When I opened the door, there was my it was, my wishful thinking coming true before my very eyes....I got my dream car, my Infiniti QX56, not only that, but also as a Christmas gift w/ a BIG red bow on it sitting all pretty and parked in the driveway like it was on a showroom floor. I always loved the Lexus commercials around Christmas time w/ the cars given as gifts w/ big, red bows, and my husband made my wishing and dreaming into reality. Wally, I can't thank you enough for my present (I'm sure me in the car when the boys went down and still in the car when you went to bed gave you an idea) you really surprise me. I know you said that this family couldn't run w/o me, but it's your hard work, determination, dedication ( and I mean dedication waking up at 4 a.m), and drive that has helped bless us. So thank you for making a girl's dream come true, and thank you to everyone who helped with Daddy/Santa's little secret. Merry Christmas!