A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rayne...How does it feel to turn 25?!

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis...it was actually yesterday, but a little shout out is better late than never. To celebrate my sister's b-day on the blog, I will share my favorite story... We are 8 years apart, so I have always had truly someone to look up to, poor Rayne, though, because of that she had to be a saint, otherwise I would tattle tale, baby sisters...what can I say. This isn't the story, but I remember she was listening to her new cd she had bought with a neighbor friend and I had happen to walk by and the cd was full of explicit lyrics, I being very young was shocked to her what was playing and that my big sister would be listening to that, I at this point had never heard my sister cuss so didn't think she would listen to that. Then I grow up to the same age that my sister was when I heard her listening to that cd, and I am listening to Marilyn Mason....sorry, Rayne. So my favorite memory when we were younger, I was in elementary school and she was in high school, on our early release days, and sometimes not, she would come and pick me up from school (I loved being called out of class a little early from everyone else to go home early), and we would go and get ice cream. We usually went to McDonald's by our house and since it was early, there was a retirement home that would take their residents to go play bingo up at the McDonald's, and I loved watching them play. I didn't know then that the time spent with my sister would hold a special place in my heart....I was just a little girl getting ice cream at the time.

Now she is a wife and a mother, and a fantastic one at that, and now Sadie will have special memories of getting ice cream with her mother as I once did. Wow, how things have changed, really, we've just grown up. So, Rayne, Happiest Birthday, I love you, and thanks for being my big sis....I cherish the memories I have with you and look forward to the ones we will make and share when we are 80.


The Spaulding Family said...

Well, who knew you could make your big sister cry? Thanks for the wonderful "tribute" and I love being your sister. Now, I will never claim listening to "explicit" music because I was a PERFECT teenager!!! HA HA HA!!! Love you SIS!!!