A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Alexander at play
Yasmeen, Brayden, and Noora
Noora trying to explain something to Wally
Wally being silly with Noora, Noora thinking he's lost it
Ihab and Alexander having a stare down
Alexander won, he has looks that could kill :)
Alexander with his Great Aunt
Brayden amused us with pretending to be asleep b/c Alexander was sleeping and getting attention
Brayden found a new toy....who knew a basket would be so fun

Brayden chasing Noora

The kiddos laying in the leaves
Climbing the light pole
Brayden loved the leaves and throwing them in the air

Sunday morning we were up early and off to see Wally's side of the family and have breakfast. Wally's mom made a very yummy breakfast for a large group we have become....I think it was 13 and that is just the immediate family. After breakfast, we sat around and chatted, watched the Yasmeen, Noora, and Brayden play (I never thought that Brayden would play so well with them with the age gap, but he loves being with the big girls), and the babies Mariam and Alexander play and slowly start to interact.
Next thing you know, it is lunch time and we are still hanging out, so pizza orders are taken and 30 minutes later we are eating pizza and a football game is beginning. Along with eating pizza, there is still more play, more talking and catching up, and a little more tv watching due to football playoffs. Brayden was quiet funny, he fell in love with a mesh pop-up basket, and was chasing Noora in circles around the living room for a good amount of time. Alexander was his usual good self even being off his normal schedule that day and the day before.
We finally left after the football games (sad about the Cowboys), dinner, a little meltdown from Brayden since it was his 2nd day of no nap, and being out of formula for Alexander, since we had only packed for being gone for a couple of hours, and ended up borrowing some from Nehal, now it was really time for us to go since bedtimes were quickly approaching.