A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Congrats To Both My Boys...Preschool and New Job

Congrats to you two!
Preschool Supplies
And he's off
One last smile... what a big boy

So, today was Brayden's 1st day of preschool, and went surprisingly well...I was the one crying not B-boy. We had a small feeling maybe today would go well after we met the teachers yesterday. Brayden was instantly comfortable and went to playing and played well with the other boys and girls in his class. So much so, he found a set of play keys went to Daddy and said "Bye" like it was time for him to get going (Wally was a little shocked by that). Today, Brayden and Wally walked into the room ( I stayed out in the hall, I had tears forming and didn't want Brayden to think something bad was happening, plus I had Alex) and I signed him in. Wally walked out and said he went right to playing...that's it?! We walked in to the lobby and waited a bit more....nothing....what about that cry, was that Brayden?...nothing....that's really it?! So we were off.

Alex and I had a very nice day just us two....kinda quiet, actually very quiet, compared to when I have both boys. I took advantage and went to the grocery store and a few more errands....and I was able to talk on the phone in the grocery store :). I was really able to see Alexander's full of life, happy all the time personality in full swing, he was a true joy to spend time with and help to make our "new" routine w/o Brayden easier.

I am so excited to pick him up and hear about his day...1 hour and 20 minutes left. Now the question is how well will he do when he goes back on Monday, now that he knows we leave. I guess we will see!!

My husband, also is having a big day as today is his first official day with Colonial Savings, and will be spent the next couple of days in Ft. Worth for training. He and his Plano branch have made the BIG move to this company to be able to grow and further expand, and I wish them all good luck and an easy transition.

I will be thinking of you both on this big day for you two, and wishing you the best. I LOVE YOU, GUYS!