A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow....He is 3 now!

The B-day Boy!

What a mess! Wally had fun cleaning this one up :)
Brayden going down
Yes, even I got into it

The Davis'
Here comes Jaden!
Alex and his Anna
Noora all smiles
Daddy & Alex
Brian & Andrew
Uncle Ihab & Alex
Greg & Abby
Piper & Alex playing ball
Janna' and her boy Collin
Brayden climbing
Zoom, Zoom!
Brayden's Cake...it had to be a golf cake from the birthday boy himself
The boys
Happy Birthday!
Opening gifts that night
YaYa's gift...both boys love this one
Our gift to Brayden...it was a hit, he even hugged it good-night
Little Tiger Woods
Ready to go!
Grammy & B-boy

On Sunday, Brayden turned 3 years old (he is so over being 3 now, he is now saying he is 5....can he slow down a little bit, I am just getting use to the big boy that he has become lately), and it was a celebration all weekend long. It was a great weekend, even with the rain on Saturday during his birthday party, but like Wally said "Who cares, it's inside, we are going bouncing and sliding come rain or shine!"

Saturday started off with B and Daddy going to get donuts (that's their thing every weekend). Then it was an early nap to get both boys ready and well rested for the party. Come 2:30 we were off to Pump It Up. Brayden was so excited to see all of his friends (and was such a great turn out considering the weather, so thank you to all for making it a great b-day party), and he was ready to slide. We did Pump It Up last year as well, and B loved it then, too, but this year was great because he was out there doing it on his own and having a blast. After the bouncing and jumping it was time for cake. All this boy wanted for his birthday was a golf cake, not a toy, but a golf cake. So Mommy and Daddy had to deliver, and it was a bit difficult to find, but we and it was awesome, and he loved it. In fact when I came home on Friday from picking it up, he came running to me and had to see it followed by a "Wow, for me! Thank you!"

Sunday was the official day, and his grandmother's came over to see him, Grammy and Anna, along with his cousins, and Grandpa. He had fun playing with all his new toys, and I reflected back quietly over the past 3 years and how much he has grown into a sweet little boy. Happy Birthday, Brayden!