A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daddy & Me (Brayden)

What I do for one...I got to do for the other...Alex is next :)
Brayden waiting for Daddy to get home
Look at my little boy :)!
YEA! Go, B!!!!
Daddy & B stopping by to say "Hi!"
And they're off!! Bye, guys!

After work on Monday, Wally took Brayden up to the club for a little golf and some father-son bonding time. I had the true pleasure getting Brayden ready while Wally was on his way home. He was so excited as I got him dressed, he picked out the polo and shorts he wanted to wear on his golf excursion. He then went and got his "Caddy Bear" (a little gift Wally brought back for the boys from Pebble Beach) and his golf bag and clubs, and waited by the door for Daddy. He was so excited and so ready that he was upset to have to wait a few more minutes for Daddy to change :).

During the outing, since we live on the course they were playing on, Wally called to tell us to come outside, so I was able to say "hi", see my boys, and give Brayden a little treat...a lollipop. Then the rain came, so they wrapped up, and Wally took Brayden to get some pizza and chocolate cake....YUMMY! I was a bit jealous, because they ate at my favorite lil' restaurant here in McKinney, but I am so glad they had a great time.

While they were gone, Alexander and I had a fun hanging out just the 2 of us. That was a treat because that doesn't happen very often, and I would never trade my two boys for the world, but having just one from time to time is a treat...so easy and a bit more quiet. We went a picked up dinner, we played, we danced, and he and I got on the little quad car and drove around the house (he loved that since he doesn't get to ride on it much when Brayden is home). All around it was a great Monday evening for all of us.


Courtney said...

Hi, its Courtney Heidis daugheter um how did u do the back ground it wont let me do it :(