A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

2nd Cooking Class

It was our 2nd cooking class and our menu was all about 'Dinner for the Holidays' with butternut squash soup, spiced cider baked ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, and last but not least pumpkin cake....Yummy. Once again, we had a great time. Last night I made the butternut squash soup, tweeked it a little bit, and was great....yea. Ally and Abby ended up coming over, her hubby was working late and my hubby was golping (it's golfing, but according to Brayden it's golping) so he was going to be late, and she loved it to. Who could beat an evening w/ kiddos, girl talk, and some good soup....well maybe a glass of wine. Sorry Ally, I should have thought about that last night :).


Ally said...

Darn it!!! Wine would have been perfect!! We had so much fun, we will definitely have to do it again soon. And I want that recipe!!! :)