A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh, Miami!

We're here! On our way to the hotel.
On the shuttle
Lowes Hotel, where we stayed
First time on the beach
The view from our room on the balcony
Our day on the beach
Wally in the water
Say Cheese!
Waiters serving drinks from our hotel to us on the beach...who needs the pool!
On our way back to the hotel...love the palm trees!
A big piece of chocolate for my hubby...someone must have told them about his love for chocolate.
Got to get a pic of my hubby's name on the big screen
Wally with his award
Now Wally and I with his award
A photo moment...Congrats, Wally!
The view going to the pool and beach
Wally waiting for or shuttle to go home
Last pic in Miami...Bye,bye!

Our trip to Miami started a little rocky as our alarm never went off so we woke up late...so late that it was no shower, no make-up, just throw on clothes and get out. We woke up at 6:40 a.m. and our flight was at 8:14 a.m., we just put it in our heads that we were going to miss the plane after calling the airlines and said we had to be there by 7:15 to get on the plane. Amazingly enough we got on the plane with just minutes to spare before take-off. Our bags through were on the 11:15 a.m flight, so would not be arriving with us.
Once we landed and got to the hotel, since we didn't have our bags yet, we went to go and have lunch and do a little shopping. Our first stop on our way was to the beach since I had never been before...I told Wally we needed to move to Miami (that was our 1st day there and before I saw the rest of Miami, "true Miami" when not at the resort).
Our first night, their was an ordervours and cocktails hour, and then we went to dinner with some other Nat. City employees, some we knew and some we had just met that evening, but all were from the Central region that worked for Nat. City. Dinner was great, although I can't remember the name right now, but it was a fun group to be around and hang out with.
On our second day, it was "activity day" that his company set-up for employees and spouses. Wally played golf (if you know my husband, you know that is a given) and I went to the spa, and since he was going to be gone for a while I did two treatments. I had a stone therapy massage and a facial, and enjoyed every minute of being pampered. Then I was off to walk around and do some shopping to fill-up some more time. When I got back to the hotel, I still had more time til Wally got back (it was a slow day on the course) so I put on my swim suit and went to the pool to soak up some rays and eat lunch. After lunch and getting hot by the pool, I headed back to the room and met up w/ Walls. We were then off to the beach (yea, first time to get in the water and lay on the beach), it was great to just relax and drink our strawberry daiquiri and pina colada drink, ASA Miami Vice. That evening we met up with some of people from the night before (the Central region "click") and went to eat at Nemo's. I got the sea bass that was so rich and sooo YUMMY! Then we were off to the Delano for drinks.
Our 3rd day we hung out and did some shopping together. That ended up being a waste. We were going off the strip in hopes to find the true "South Beach" shops that would not be in Dallas. Well our crazy cab driver, I guess misunderstood us, and drove us to a mall 45 minutes away, just to find out it was a mall just like Stonebriar, we walked around for a bit hoping to find something we didn't have, but no-go. So it was back to the hotel and to the beach, making sure I was covered in sunblock, I had a little too much from the day before. The awards ceremony, the reason why we on such a fun and great trip, was on this evening. It was beautifully done with pink and brown decor, a very nice dinner, and a nice little ceremony (it was just a little bit longer of an evening than we thought it would be). It was great to see my hubby get his 1st award, and after experiencing all of this trip and a huge accomplishment, he will be back to busting his hump to be back next year :) .
On the 4th day, I was really starting to miss my boys and get back to our regular schedule. Wally went out golfing with his bosses at Doral (he was really looking forward to that), so that meant I had a lot of time to kill. I got up early with him and we ate breakfast before he had to leave. I decided today I would stay out of the sun (so I thought), take it easy, and do whatever I wanted to do...SHOPPING! I went to Lincoln Road, which is a long street that is shut down to traffic, with lots of shops and restaurants. That occupied my time for a while, then it was back to the hotel, which I had lunch and read my magazine outside Preston's patio (hotel restaurant) over looking the pool....ahhhh, peace and quiet while I eat lunch. That night we met up with our friends Kurt and Miki (a coincidence we were their the same weekend) for dinner. We met up at Touch, a very trendy and fun restaurant, that had live music and flame-throwers. We called it an early evening with them as by this day we were so exhausted and wanted to be as refreshed as we could be for our trip home.
Overall, Miami was great, and like I told Wally he is in trouble now, because I think it would be a great getaway for a weekend trip, or a girl's trip. Next time I will be more prepared for their sun down there. I was happy, tough, to land in Dallas and be home...until the TORNADO WARNING, again, that we had last week. Maybe we can move to Miami for tornado season in Texas, and come back when that is over and hurricane season has started. Mother nature!!