A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dallas World Aquarium

On the Sunday before we left for our trip, Wally and I took the boys to the aquarium to enjoy some family time. Alexander enjoyed looking around, as there was something to look at in every direction, so he was happy in his stroller. Brayden was in awe over all of the animals he saw, especially the monkeys (go figure since he is our little monkey). At one point, when Wally and Brayden were looking at a baby croc in a glass cage, it all of a sudden jumped at the glass where they were standing, and scared Brayden to death as he yelled and jumped back. He was a little shaken up for a bit as he came running to his mommy for comfort. That was really nice b/c he was attached to Wally during the whole visit there. So after that incident, Brayden, was weary about approaching the cages.

After walking around and looking at all the monkeys, birds, fish, and everything else, we then went to one of the restaurants there to eat which was nice b/c we also got a view of the aquarium while we ate. After that we went to the gift shop to get stuffed animals for the boys... a monkey for Brayden and a turtle for Alexander.

Then it was back home where the boys were surprised with a playground set, so our afternoon was spent for a majority of it outside,