A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Surprise Birthday Celebration...Early

So, today we went spent some time with Wally's family before his mom, Mogda, leaves for Egypt and will be gone for 2 weeks. Plus she wanted to get pictures of all of us together to show family there some more up-to-date pics and a surprise that only Brayden and I were out of the loop on. Now not by her choice, she is leaving on the same day as Brayden's birthday (September 14) , and has felt bad about it since her flight got booked. But like I told her, it's only his 2nd birthday, and there will be plenty more to celebrate, but she has a son that thinks it is funny to give her a hard time. She worries about her mother's health and needs and wants to go back to see her. I hope that when we go to Egypt ( maybe next year) that I will be able to meet her, and know Wally would love to see her again since it has been a long while since he has been to Egypt.

So after dinner, I was waiting for this surprise, I was thinking that it was going to be a family news kind of surprise, so someone was going to announce the were pregnant. It ended up being a dessert feast with all of Brayden's favorites plus the main attraction being a birthday golf cake with Brayden's picture on it, all for my little boy. I was surprised and so was Brayden, at the time I also thought Wally, but he knew ( how does the mom not know about her own son's birthday cake :) ). It is bitter sweet seeing my son turn 2, plus the to watch him compared to him just a year ago. He was standing on the chair all excited about what he was going to eat, knowing it was a chocolate sugar high just staring right back at him. After singing 'Happy Birthday' he even attempted a couple of time to blow out the candle, and finally got it with the help of Daddy, and even surprised us all by say "birthday". Even though, Mogda will not be here on his birthday, he still got a celebration. And if you ask me, Brayden is very lucky, not only to have the family from my side and Wally's side, who love him to death, but he is getting not a birthDAY, but a birthMONTH with all of the celebrations. Thank you so much Mogda!

Both our boys and Wally and I are lucky to have the family that we do from both our sides. Brayden daily will point to the door and say "Grammy" and "Anna", and when they do come over he is full of screams of joy. He is also starting to remember and saying the names of aunts, uncles, and cousins. We truly cherish every moment spent with you all!

I will post a pic of 'B' soon with his cake.