A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Friday, September 7, 2007

Alexander Turns Over

Working on trying to turn over

Yea!! We got it!!

Yea to our little A for accomplishing turning over on his own! He has been working on the little move for a few days and now has mastered it. It's a little hard to get floor time in when Brayden is around because he wants to always be on top of the baby, literally. That doesn't fly too well with Alexander, and tears are sometimes shed. With a big brother who always wants to be right by his baby bro's side, Alexander will one day understand the love and friendship that will always exist between he and Brayden, and can count on his big brother to protect him and be by his side.


Gayle Ryan said...

I can't believe it--Alexander, you are such a big boy now. Before we know it you will be up and around and playing with your brother, Brayden. It is such a joy to watch you both grow. I love you, B & A. Grammy

The Spaulding Family said...

Go, A; Go, A! Aunt Ya-Ya is just so proud of you! Woo-hoo!