A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nice Weekend with Family & Friends

My mom, my sister, and I
Brayden loving on Sadie :)

Even though our weekend was super packed, it was a very nice and enjoyable long weekend. Yesterday we got together with my mom, my sis, Rayne, Ron (her husband), and my pretty little niece Sadie for some lunch. It cracks me up now when we go out to eat, before we were just a table of 5, adults only, now we are 5 adults, 2 highchairs, and 1 sling, please. Sunday lunch was great, and the kiddos and baby kept their fussing down to a minimum and actually got in some adult conversation.

Between my mom, my sister, and I, we are 3 reality show junkies, and when we get together our conversation at some point is about the shows we are hooked on. My favorite show right now is LA Ink, and I even got my sister on it, maybe I can get her to go to LA and we can be on the show and get inked by Kat Von D...he-he, just kidding Rayne. But it's fun and funny when we all get together, especially when the kiddos are able to run around, their new thing is to chase each other around... it is usually Sadie chasing and Brayden running away with both laughing (LOVE IT).

Later on in the afternoon, we went to our friend's house Jon & Shellye for some hamburgers, swimming, and playing with their 4 boys (Jansen, Jaden, Avery, and Maddox) and our 2. Brayden loves to play with all of them and had a great time as well as Wally, Alexander, and I, but B was very upset when we left and let Jon and Shellye's neighbors know it. Thanks for a fun evening!