A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Free Rides For Alexander :(...Playtime In The Backyard

Where is my driver

This morning was beautiful and warming up a bit so what better way to spend it than outside. So let me set this story up and it starts with yesterday. While Alexander was sleeping yesterday afternoon, I had given up on Brayden napping that day when I sneezed and heard my little boy yell "Bless you, Mommy.....Mommy?.....Mommy?....MOMMY!" Ok, so he won and now it was time to entertain.....ouside here we come. His thing to do out in the backyard is to drive me or what I thought anyone around in his car, he is such the big boy these days.
So this morning, I put Alexander in the car, and we were waiting for Brayden to get in with his lil' bro and give him a ride around the backyard, and we waited, and waited a bit more. Brayden had no interest in being in the car or even driving Alex around, he instead was trying to find a spider and it it water...again (I caught him yesterday pouring water from his water bottle on the ground, and in his words to me "pider need water"). Great! So, Wally last night was trying to explain to Brayden as that was nice of him to share it was a no-no that spider could give him an ouchie (we had a Black Widow last year in our window facing the backyard).


The Spaulding Family said...

Brayden cracks me up...Little Alexander is storing all of this up and in a few more months Brayden and Sadie are in for it! As always our little nephews are more than adorable. We love seeing them often and reading about the day-to-day stuff on the blog, even though we do chat almost everyday! Love you guys!