A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
Capturing our 2010...one photo at a time

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Do You Get When You Have A Bear And Turtle In The Same Building?

The first day of preschool for my 2 boys, that's what!  Alex is a Bear this year, and in the big kid side of the building...he was sooo happy about that.  Brayden is a Turtle and in Pre-K...last year, oh my goodness.  Both boys have great teachers, and am so excited for this school year with them.  They were, too, but I think more excited to wear their new shoes they got to pick out and I teased them with for the past few weeks because I wouldn't let them wear them.  Here's to a great school year!

Hopefully with the boys back in school, I can be better about both blogs..it has been crazy.