A New Blog Addition to our Family

A New Blog Addition to our Family
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Moment I Will Never Forget

I have to say that putting Brayden in preschool at the church in our neighborhood has been the best thing...even when I was shedding tears before his big day in September and then shedding tears when dropping him off for the first couple of weeks. Now, he LOVES it so much, in fact he doesn't want to come home when I pick him up.

This past weekend we had 2 separate moments that besides everything Brayden is learning at school (days of the week, Spanish, songs, etc.), this would have to be the best thing, the topper, what made us so very proud. On Saturday at dinner, we sat down and prayed like usual and were saying "Amen", when Brayden said "No, Daddy, you forgot God is good.". Moment number two happened on Sunday at dinner, as well, after we prayed and were saying "Amen". All of a sudden Brayden quietly breaks into a song, Wally and I leaned in to hear what he was saying:

God our Father,
God our Father
We thank You,
we thank you
For our many blessings,
for our many blessings
A-men, A-men

It is random moments like this, at dinner, that sometimes we find out what Brayden is learning in school, and this is what they sing before they eat. I take full advantage of those since when I pick him up from school he doesn't remember (so he says) no matter what I ask him..."What songs did you sing?", "What color, word, number did you learn?". Another great time of sharing what he has learned is bath time, he just becomes a chatter box, and when I am washing my face, He sits on the counter and says "Can I tell you something?"...and I stay all ears.


The Spaulding Family said...

Melts my heart! I love it.